Ericcson Pass and the Desert Mountain Road (the road that leads to Ericcson Pass are not paved. Lookout Pass which is after Ericcson Pass is paved.

I used to ride out there all the time. It is not an area I would care to be stuck in, particularly in January or August.

Lookout Pass is the site of the old stage stop on the Pony Express route. During the last half of the 19th century the woman who ran it alone kept numerous dogs as company, and when they would die she'd bury them in a little pet cemetary across the road. During the 40 years she ran the station she also found a half-dozen or so people dead or dying along the route, and she buried them there as well. The cemetary is still there. The woman was Porter Rockwell's sister. He had a ranch near Ericson pass, and the ranch house is still being used today.