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Where do you want to go on ETS?

Today at 02:26 AM MyShake App by Michael2

"Earthquake Early Warning now available publicly in California"

Details here: MyShake including explanatory videos.

U.C. Berkeley Seismology Lab

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10/18/19 05:10 PM earth Shaking News: Garlock Fault moves by hikermor


This front page article keeps us upto date of recent developments in our numerous faults (at least the geological ones). The conclusions are typical, however: crustal blocks are moving, the threats are increasing or decreasing, future quakes are certainly coming - at uncertain intervals, but you will know for sure when the ground starts heaving.

Deeper in this edition there is also discussion of the continuing development and implementation of our early warning system for EQs. It will give seconds to minutes advance notice, depending upon your distance from the epicenter (tough luck if you are at the epicenter).

Even a little notice will be a big help

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10/15/19 12:34 AM Improvise! The need for a Plan B by hikermor

The current thread on tourniquets prompts this thread. What do you do when your specialized item is unenviable, already committed, or unavailable for whatever reason. Life has a habit of throwing really nasty curve balls.

the ability to improvise, adapt, and/or innovate can be critical to many of life's situations, including many that verge on survival circumstances.

On one SAR mission, we had a fall victim in a cave who we placed on a rigid backboard because of the high likelihood of spinal fracture. In transporting the victim toward the entrance, we encountered a short constriction in the passage which was too narrow to allow passage of the backboard. What to do? Hint: we did not enlarge the passage., although that might be an option is some cases.

Another instance. We responded to a situation of a vehicle at the bottom of a 100 foot vertical mine shaft with two surviving victims. I and a good SAR buddy were the first to reach the two, treating their astonishingly minor, and were ready to be pulled up.

A rope was dropped to us, triggering the nastiest rock fall I ever experienced (Mine shafts are notorious for that). We were uninjured only because their vehicle provided shelter. We radioed that somehow the rigging system needed to be altered so that rockfall was not a problem.

On the spot, our companions, using nothing but available climbing rope, carabiners, and one climbing pulley, devised a system that hug our ascent rope in the middle of the shaft, enabling us to be hauled up, two by two, without incident. I believe this system is still used today, although mine shaft rescues are thankfully rare.

Some situations just can't be anticipated, and you need to scrounge. Duct tape is your friend.

Other good stories??

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10/12/19 08:17 PM Recon Medical Tourniquets by Jeanette_Isabelle

Mom, who believes we need a bunch of tourniquets, is concerned about the $30 price tag on the C-A-T. She looks into cheaper, generic tourniquets with the same design and discovers the Recon Medical Tourniquets.


Her arguments include, which of the two is better: Have just a few name-brand tourniquets and run out or use the generic tourniquets and not run out? Mom has the money. If she believes we need more tourniquets, she can afford them. I don't want to trust my life or the lives of others to Chinese counterfeits. She points out that this tourniquet, reviewed by 1,833 customers, got 97% positive feedback if you add up the four and five-star reviews.


Am I just being a purest as Mom implies or do I have a legitimate concern? She will buy one for now and see how it compares to the C-A-T trainer that I have.

Jeanette Isabelle

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10/10/19 09:48 PM Big Winter storm by teacher

Here in the US we are currently experiencing out first big Winter storm; feet of snow in some areas and sudden brutal temperature drops.

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