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Yesterday at 09:52 PM Signal mirror 2x3 v 3x5 by WesleyH

After the recent discussion about my issue with "Bogus sightable, not really specified who makes it, you guess what it is from the picture" issue. . .

Does anyone have any information or research on the effectiveness of the 3x5 mirror compared with the 2x3 mirror?

It would certainly seem that the larger mirror, the more light you can send downrange . .does it translate into a better chance of being sighted?

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Yesterday at 09:23 PM analysis of mistakes of hiker missing 27 days by WesleyH

Regarding the thread on the death of a hiker on the Appalachian trail in Maine, a bit of new information has come to light. A quick analysis shows a few facts.

"On the initial missing persons report that was filed, [Mrs] Largay’s husband itemized a number of items that he knew she’d been wearing or carrying. Under the category labeled “GPS, PLB, Compass” — the acronyms referring to Global Positioning System, Personal Locator Beacon– the responding warden wrote: “SPOT. Left at motel.” SPOT is a company that makes, among other things, satellite-based devices that allow hikers in remote areas to communicate their whereabouts to others without the benefit of a cellular signal."


[H]er skeletal remains were found on a high piece of ground about 3,000 feet from the trail, where she apparently set up camp after becoming lost."

Source: http://outthere.bangordailynews.com/2016...y-of-questions/

Another source yielded this tidbit.

"Mrs Lee told me that Geraldine had a lighter and waterproof matches. She stated that she did not know how to use a compass, She didn't even know if Geraldine had a compass.
Mrs Lee reiterated her statement regarding Geraldines lack of confidence and her inability to cope with the obvious rigors of the trail"


"She was relying on her blue Samsung slide cellphone to keep in touch with her husband, who met her every few days with supplies. After she became lost, she tried texting her husband, but because there was no cell service, he never got the message."


"Her doctor would tell investigators that once she ran out of the medication she took for anxiety, she could suffer panic attacks."

. . .

"Shane Vorous, who operates the Stratton Motel with his wife, Stacey, said Thursday that they try to tell hikers where they are likely to get cellphone service and where known dead zones are along the Appalachian Trail."

. . .

"Everyone relies on their cellphone so much,” Critendon said. With a lot of hikers, that is a problem, because there are so many ups and downs in that area, and it is so remote. I think of lot of hikers don’t realize it.”

. . .

"Lee, Largay’s friend who had hiked the trail with her until they reached Maine, told investigators that on several occasions Largay had become lost or had fallen behind, and Lee had to backtrack to find her. It wasn’t clear if Largay was taking prescribed anti-anxiety medication at the time."

Source: http://www.centralmaine.com/2016/05/26/m...-use-a-compass/

The article goes on to state a compass WAS found with her.

The additional excerpts (below) give the position of her body as N44 59.011 W70 24.099. Pulling it up on google, she was about about 2300 feet from a road (SW) and about 1750 feet from the trail to the SE.

Apparently, the Maine Warden service recently released some 1500 pages of files about the event.

It looks like a couple of grievous error were made. .

1. Failure to know how to use map and compass, the most basic skills ensured she would get lost after leaving the trail.

2. Her apparent reliance on cell phone to maintain contact. Especially given the known dead spots in the area. A little research on the hikers part could have prevented this.

3. Continuing alone on the trail after her companion quit.
Given her Anxiety issues, her having fallen behind before and her inability to use map and compass seem to be significant.

4. Failure to take the SPOT device with her. Almost goes without saying that such a device could have brought about her quick rescue.

I seriously have to wonder, How long did she wander around AFTER she realized she was lost? I doubt she traveled that far off the trail to relieve herself. Judging from her distance from the trail, she continued for some time AFTER realizing she was lost. Was her anxiety a contributing factor? Most likely, as it was a known problem for her.

This is a truly sad case and a death that did not need to happen. But it highlights the importance of the basics. Although she most likely did the right thing by staying put when she was lost, had she done so much sooner, it is likely that search teams with dogs would have located her quickly.

Additional excerpts may be found here:

Last words. . I realize that I am a new poster here at the esteemed forums for equipped.org. However, in analyzing failures, we all learn. . I am curious to know what other members get out of the same information, and come to a differing conclusion.

Share your thoughts

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05/26/16 03:03 PM Backpacker survives 27 days after getting lost. by Mark_R


She stepped off the trail for a bathroom break and got royally turned around. It's a good example of how important water and environmental protection is to survival. It's also an argument for a decent signalling system.

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05/26/16 06:48 AM Phony glass signal mirrors and who is selling them by WesleyH


I wanted to "Bounce this off" of you if you will. I quite surprised to find the exact same mirrors that Doug warned about in this post:


The exact same mirrors, are currently being sold by MidwayUSA. I had been looking for the now almost rare 3X5 verson and was delighted to discover that MidwayUSA had them at a decent price. I would add that Midway has always been an upstanding company. . .Until now.

They arrived 3 days ago. In looking at them, I noticed the aiming function did not work at all. Did a little research and found Doug's posting. Sure enough, same mirror exactly.

-Foam case
-Gold "made in Taiwan" label
-Exact same language on back, "REFECTION, EMERGENCY, SIGNAL, MARK, LIGHT SOURCE"
-Exact same rivet
-Exact same cord. Most importantly, they DON't WORK!


As soon as I realize what occurred, I sent an email advising them of the fake mirrors. I also reminded them that the mirrors were being sold as survival signaling mirrors, and if anyone else had purchased them, they would not function as intended and could potentially endanger anyone who tried to use them.

I have received two messages back, both kindly telling me I could return them. Neither made mention of the risk, or withdrawing the mirrors.

I could understand their sales of the mirrors and not knowing them to be fake. However, they seem totally cavalier of the danger of their product.

Most disappointed to say the least.

Wesley Horton

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05/24/16 06:20 PM States ranked acording to preparedness by Mark_R




Originally Posted By: The States Least Prepared for Disaster
To determine which states are best prepared for an environmental disaster or a public health emergency, 24/7 Wall St. rated states based on criteria determined by the National Health Security Preparedness Index, a program of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. For each state, we reviewed certain disaster preparedness policies, such as whether the state mandates child-care facilities to have emergency evacuation plans, whether state public health labs have enough staff to properly combat a serious disease outbreak, and whether the state has a firm plan to combat issues that can stem from climate change. Currently, just 15 states have such a plan.

We also reviewed states on measures including the number of physicians and emergency medical technicians per capita, as well as changes in emergency management funding.

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