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Yesterday at 01:02 PM Help for novel research.Bugging out from Manhattan by albusgrammaticus

Hello to everyone,

first of all, Iíd like to apologize for any oddness in my writing as Iím not a native English speaker.
Iím a longtime lurker here on ETS (for almost 10 years I think) and Iíve always found your discussions very interesting, usefulÖ and entertaining! wink
Iím an Italian editor/author. My writing focus mostly on geography and travel (mainly educational manuals and tourist guides), but lately Iíve decided to try my luck with fiction, and Iím currently doing research for a novel. I envision it primarily as techno-thriller, but at least one major plot point involves the topics of survival/preparedness discussed here at ETS, so I resolved to ask for the assistance of you ETS members and benefit from your collective wisdom.
I also hope that the my questions could turn into a useful thought experiment for you fellow members.

- The plot point Iíd like to discuss involves two main characters, letís call them Character A and Character B.

- Character A lives in a lake house in the Adirondacks area, Upstate NY. Letís presume sheís an avid reader of the ETS forums like myself grin (or an equivalent communityÖ) so, though she moved in the region only recently, she made sure to have her basics covered regarding preparedness: she has enough food, water, power (solar and a generator) and means to defend herself (firearms) to bug in for weeks or even months in case of a major disruption.

- Charatcter B is a person dearly loved by Character A (think spouse, fiancťe, son/daughter as you deem appropriate). She lives and works in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The two therefore donít live together full time, but Character A menages to stay with Character B in her city apartment for about a week every month, and likewise they stay together one week a month in the lake house. Their usual route when they visit each other, either way, is Lake House-Albany by car and Albany-NYC by Amtrak (can anyone suggest a more practical-common route, for the sake of realism?).

- Character A has talked Character B into making some preparations in case of emergency. She keeps a GHB in her office (small backack or purse; she commutes to work by foot or subway and doesnít have access to a vehicle during office hours). They established a bugout plan from NYC for Character B and chose a location off city where Character A would come pick up Character B and take her to the relative safety of the lake house.

- Now that we have laid down the context, letís get to the action! Itís a usual morning on a weekday: Character B is at work in an office building in Manhattan, Character A is having breakfast at the lake house, when a major SHTF event happens in Manhattan. Please envision something at least equivalent to 9/11, and likewise man-made, not a natural disaster. It could be a series of huge explosions in significant and very crowded locations (Times Square, Wall Street etc.) or a series of attacks by well armed individuals like the past terrorist attacks in Mumbai or Paris. Victims could be numbered in the hundreds or thousands.

- As soon as the news of the attack spreads, A and B manage to get in touch by phone and they agree that B must get off the city as soon as possible. They confirm the location of the meeting point and agree to keep in touch at regular intervals. At the lake house, A loads her truck with the essentials (gas, BOB, firearms, etc) and sets off south to randez-vous with her loved one.

- But itís not over: mere tens of minutes after the first SHTF event, another, possibly related event knocks down the power grid in most of the New York City area (a cyberattack?).

So, my questions are the following:

- how would you play the bugout of B from Manhattan? Would she try to get off dodge by train, bus, boat, foot? Trains would be likely knocked off service by the power outage.

- which location would you choose for the meeting point between B, who is bugging out, and A, who is rushing south from Upstate to pick her up? Some place in New Jersey? Yonkers? Must be a place along a major route, but not so much that the flood of the evacuation compromises A&B chances of returning safely north by car.

-Would the cell network continue to work after a widespread power outage, thanks to the backup generators of the towers? And if so, for how long do you expect them to keep working?

- Suppose you are A. You havenít been able to communicate with B, by call or text, for some time now. You finally get to the meeting location and B doesnít show up. Would you wait in place, or would you try to search for B further along the route she was supposed to follow?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of relevant questions on the subject. Please feel free to add your opinions or suggestions if you like.

Thank you very much!

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07/13/17 11:01 PM New Tick-Borne Virus in Midwest of USA by Pete

Here is the article ...


There is no cure for this virus.
It appears to be affecting people bitten by ticks in Kansas and Missouri. It can be fatal. The total number of cases is only 4-5 over the last couple of years. So there is no need for panic. But good precautions against tick bites seem like a wise step.


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07/12/17 08:08 PM Everyday cargo shorts by Ors

Since moving to SoCal, Iím wearing cargo shorts nearly every day. For years I have worn Propper brand shorts, but may be ready to make a change.

What cargos do you love, and what features do you love about them?

Iím typically carrying a Spec Ops or Maxpedition organizer in each of the cargo pockets, along with other small items, but donít want huge cargo pockets that end up looking like saddle bags 😃


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07/11/17 03:04 AM British Columbia is Burning by Teslinhiker

Another hot summer and my home province is once again on fire. As of today, there are about 225 active fires without about 17 of a notable size and strength.

As of about 6 pm Pacific, there are approimently 14,000 people evacuated from their homes and now the city of Williams Lake which has about 10,000 people, are now on evac notice.

To give an idea of size, these fires have so far, consumed almost 100,00 acres over an area of approximently 120 miles north to south and 180 miles east to west. Needless to say, fire crews are stretched thin and reinforcements are being brought in from other parts of Canada and the some possibly from the USA.

With many of these evacuations, people had minutes to leave and again the importance of being prepared and having a full tank of gas etc should always be high on the priority list.

These people of the Cariboo region though, are a very resilient and mostly rural group of people, of whom many are farmers and ranchers that run hundreds of heads of cattle, horses and other farming creatures. And the support they are giving each other and from complete strangers to get their animals cared for and trucked off to other safe areas, is nothing short of amazing.




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07/10/17 12:40 AM EMP by Jeanette_Isabelle

After an EMP how soon can I safely remove a flashlight or an electronic device from a protective container? I heard two weeks but I need verification.

Jeanette Isabelle

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