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Yesterday at 08:06 PM On Ebola & Being a Responsible Netizen by MartinFocazio

OK everyone, I'm going to ask that we all demonstrate just what makes THIS forum the best place on the internet to discuss emergency preparedness:

- Evidence-based discussions are the rule, not the exception
- Factual information is always offered, with credible sources cited
- No Politics! Really, we mean it.
- Opinions and subjective matter is welcome, as long as it's not presented as fact.

The Ebola situation is starting to spin out a huge amount of media that is surrounding actual information. Some of the information is good, some is irrelevant and some is just plain wrong.

Let us all rely on one another to find, assess, filter, and prioritize factual information in a logical and emotionless way.

For example, if you hear or see someone say, "The CDC says..." - you need to find and cite the link with the information from CDC.gov - not a news report that says "the CDC says" - the CDC itself. Same goes for ANY "official sources" - find and cite the originator, not the media's version of the information.

This is the year 2014. We rarely need others to get information from sources we can't access. We can typically go to the sources and verify things ourselves.

Opinions - especially informed opinions - matter greatly here.

But if you are posting your opinion, say so. Say, "I think..." or "I feel that..." and have at it. It's right to express your opinion, and it's right to listen to the opinions of others. If you disagree, say so - without a personal attack. This is one of the last places on the Internet where civilized discourse reigns supreme. I am proud to post here under my real name because of that fact. We all have abandoned other places online where the noise and anger levels rose too high.

But most of all, please do continue to equip your mind with clear thinking on this frightening topic. Pandemics are scary things to think about, because you can feel so helpless to do anything practical about an invisible threat.

Never forget that the media LOVES stuff like this - it keeps you glued to the TV and tuned in to the radio. They probably already have theme music for "EBOLA IN AMERICA - NEXT ON CABLE NEWS!" - it's all about ratings, not information.

But most of all, by all means, keep the Ebola discussion going, Equipped.org style.

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09/29/14 01:47 PM Body-Heat Powered Flashlight! by MartinFocazio


"Ann Makosinski, a 15 year old student from Canada, made a flashlight for her science fair project a flashlight powered entirely by the body heat of the hand holding it. "

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09/29/14 02:40 AM There is no 'perfect' knife... by TeacherRO

All purpose bush knife

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09/28/14 01:31 AM Caught on an erupting volcano! by Arney

Sooooo, you're taking an early autumn hike with your friends on a Japanese mountain when it suddenly starts to erupt! What a crazy situation. Had flashbacks to 9/11, seeing that ash cloud envelope the hikers.

I'm not sure what the best course of action would be for the folks high up on the slope. You can't outrun the ash cloud. If there's a building, I suppose sheltering inside would be best. If out in the open, perhaps fashioning a dust mask would be the first priority. That ash apparently turns into almost like a concrete in your lungs if you breathe it in. Reports say 7 hikers lost consciousness in eruption.

It doesn't seem like the ash cloud was hot enough to kill anyone outright, at least according to the reports I've seen so far. So, I guess it's a simple ashfall rather than a flesh-cooking pyroclastic flow, but who knows, perhaps it's simply too early for the fatalities to be found.

Here's a first person POV of the eruption by someone on the mountain.

Here's a helicopter view of the eruption.

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09/25/14 06:42 PM A gentle (?) reminder about earthquakes! by AKSAR

A couple of minutes ago we had a nice shaker, an M 6.2 located out in the boonies about 80 miles NW of Anchorage.


At my desk, on the 6th floor of a large office building it was quite dramatic, but no damage. When I called my wife, she said one picture fell off the wall at our house.

I look at it as a nice reminder to keep our preparations up to date, for when a big one comes that really does some damage.

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