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Today at 06:45 PM Dam poor conditions by hikermor

The local grand jury released a report detailing conditions in Ventura County's dams, several of which are in bad shape, at risk of failure from flooding or major earthquake (not that we would ever have one of those in SoCal).

This is relevant because some 90 years ago, the St. Francis dam, located on a tributary of the Santa Clara River, burst, sending a wall of water some 140 feet high to the Pacific Ocean, killing some 450 people in the process...Today that region is even more developed and populated. Work is proceeding on redressing some of the problems, but the work ain't cheap nor easy.

Here is a link to the full report; https://media.keyt.com/npg-keyt-media-us...5115_ver1.0.pdf

What do they say, "Those who do not heed the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them"....

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Yesterday at 04:41 PM FAK + survival kit = comfort kit by TeacherRO

I've combined my first aid kit and survival kit (for outdoors; hiking, boating,etc.) into one unit. Really just added a small knife, flashlight, lighter and other essential to the FAK pouch.

Its about the size of a small paperback, so rides easily in a pack or cargo shorts pocket.

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05/19/18 11:42 PM Peanut Lighter is unreliable, sorry by ireckon

Peanut lighters have let me down in far too many situations. It does not matter how much I baby them or modify them. It pains me to say that because I have spent more money than I am willing to admit on peanut lighters. And they are just so cool. The “Split Pea” model disappears on my keychain.

Unfortunately, after years of giving peanut lighters a fair shot, I have come to the conclusion that a simple Mini Bic is far more reliable. I vaguely remember somebody telling me that. I had to learn the hard way.

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05/19/18 11:19 PM E911 and responders finding you. by CJK

Doug's Emergency 911 post also got me to thinking.

Again 30+ years field medic.... PLEASE... help 'me' find you!

First... post LARGE numbers on your house, mail box etc. If you have a roadside mailbox then put 3 inch high numbers on BOTH sides so that we can see them from either direction. 1 inch high numbers are almost WORTHLESS. Especially at night. Look at your house. How BOLD are your numbers? Remember that someone who has probably never been to your house has to find it QUICKLY. Are your numbers hidden....even a little. Even just a small portion of a bush can make it nearly impossible to find you. I am planning on doing something I saw in a mobile home park... they painted the address on the roadside edge of the driveway. Hard to miss that.

I've responded to apartments that have 3 separate areas to go to for ONE building number! And of course they DON'T put the apartment numbers at the entrances, so we have to stop at each and get out to physically look...taking up precious time.

Also think about how we might get in if NO ONE can open to door for us. Go to you local hardware store or order online a 'realtor lock box'. They are only about 30 dollars and you can change the code any time you want. You can tell the 911 operator the code and we can get in without having to break anything. I have one on our house and one for the in laws.

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05/19/18 10:57 PM Emergency care clinics by CJK

Jeanette Isabelle made some points in a post and got me thinking... first, hope your mom is ok.

This comes from my experience as a 30 (plus) year road medic....
Take with a grain of salt..... AVOID them.
The ones in our area are basically worthless. Ours do also depend on which 'docs' are in that days. I've seen some write scripts for the respiratory infection. Others won't. I've seen people with OBVIOUS upper respiratory infections being sent by ambulance (often mine) to the ER because 'It's a difficulty breathing'! The docs (staff) scare the crap out of people saying stuff like.... Oh you can't drive because if something happens to you.....

Some REAL advice to everyone is this....

DON'T...and I MEAN DON'T!!! go to them if you are having:

Chest pain (pain, pressure, tightness, squeezing, heaviness, a weight on your chest- or any strange or different feeling in your chest).

Breathing trouble of ANY kind. Even if you KNOW it is 'your asthma' or an upper respiratory infection that you KNOW you need antibiotics for.

General weakness (or weakness in one area or side of your body).

Stomach pain (even if you KNOW it is food poisoning).

ALL of these a 95% of the time sent out by ambulance to the ER.

I tell our vets not to go to OUR local VA clinic if they have these things either because the VA docs also send them out for these things. Got into (and won) and 'argument' with a VA doc who insisted the vet should go to them first because the clinic can test for Troponin (heart enzyme indicating real heart damage) and if they don't have the Troponin, "He saved them an unnecessary ER trip and bill." To which I said if they DO have it, you've just caused a delay in a true heart emergency...Funny how they didn't want to speak with me after that...

When in doubt.... ER. Either by ambulance or on your own....but ER.

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