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Where do you want to go on ETS?

12/08/16 04:43 PM What's your EVC and why? by hikermor

The thread about the poor starving Canadian truckers prompts this inquiry about Everyday Vehicular Carry. Compared to pockets and backpacks, one has many more options and weight is relatively insignificant. So, what is always present in your vehicle?

In SoCal, I try to be relatively prepared for earthquakes. My vehicle is parked in the open and therefore also functions as a safe stash for supplies that might be useful in that event. Hence canteens of water, alcohol stoves and fuel, food (especially coffee and tea!), sleeping bag, jumpsuit, spare parka, small flashlight/headlamp,expensive first aid supplies, and day pack with additional water and food. Also a pry bar so I can gain entry into the homestead.

For the vehicle - jumper cables, shovel, saw, hatchet, small wrench set, quart of oil. Not much for spare parts because it is basically computerized......

When travelling, I am usually carrying gear for backpacking, climbing, or field work, so there is additional useful gear including tent, tarps, etc. Heading for snow country, i would include a tow rope

Interestingly enough, my wife has roughly the same gear, arriving at her choices independently. The threat in SoCal isn't weather, so much as it is the dreaded sig alert and jammed, impassable freeways,leading to many happy hours spent in the car....

So, what's in your car?

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12/07/16 09:00 PM Truckers stranded in winter storm by bacpacjac

Interesting debate about a bunch of truckers currently stuck
on the side of the highway, for more than 25 hours after, it closed due to treacherous winter conditions. Rescuers can't get to them, and it sounds like many were completely unprepared for becoming stuck in a bad winter storm.


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11/29/16 08:07 PM the 10 essentials...prep for camping/hiking by TeacherRO

note what they recommend for light --

the ten essentials

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11/29/16 04:42 PM I hate my wife's car by LCranston

We traveled over the holiday weekend, from cool Nebraska to Warm California.
Trip itself was fine.
Upon arriving back in Omaha at 11:15, I volunteered to run ahead to get the car from long term parking while my wife, 2 kids, and M.i.l stayed to get the luggage.
It was a balmy 41 degrees, I wanted the car warm for the very sleepy 7 yr old.
Upon arriving at the car, I discovered a dead battery. So dead I could not unlock the car. AND, the valet key was missing.

1st called wife, no answer
texted wife, no answer
2nd Called 12 yr old no answer
texted 12 year old-- Success!
Wife called me back; evidently the one carryon I had contained her phone (sigh)

Called AAA for locksmith and jump start. ((the airport had guy with jumper cables, but without access to inside of car, I cannot ge tthe $$$$$$ hood up.))
Had wife get rental car to drive home after AAA quoted 30 minute to 2 hour wait.
Waiting outside for 30 minutes, then got in Parking shuttle bus to warm up while waiting AAA.

AAA arrived at 12:15, and I was on the way home by 12:30.

1) Always have a coat. Golf sweater kept me from freezing, but uncomfortable.
2) replace missing Valet Key- our second set has one, copying it. This would have saved 30-60 minutes; airport could have given me a jump.
3) considering mechanic to look for phantom load in car; checked, no lights left on, nothing plugged in... 2008 Dodge Garnd Caravan, only outside for 7 days, not sure why battery was dead.
4) Are there portable jump start units that would be safe to leave in a car? If so, how long do they last?

Would welcome, comments, feedback.

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11/28/16 09:26 PM Recording of Grizzly Attack Nov 17th by clearwater

"In the dim morning light, Souza had strayed within 10 yards of the sleeping giant."

This must be like the 6th attack in Montana this fall/winter.

Sounds like he emptied his rifle.


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