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Where do you want to go on ETS?

08/01/15 02:31 PM A Total Collapse by Jeanette_Isabelle

As per the rules of the forum, we are not to discus the how nor the why of a monetary, governmental or some other total collapse.

There's a lot of discussions on what to do in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. A lot of that can be applied here. In this scenario, power and water will not be restored and trucks are not coming in with food.

I have or am rebuilding a two-month supply. I am able to have a three-month supply of some things. We live on a small lot so gardening will not yield much.

I like what Kathryn Schulz wrote in her article "How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes."

My own theory about earthquake preparedness is that the perfect is the enemy of the good: donít choose to stock nothing because you canít stock everything. Got money and space to spare? Great: fill a shelf with water and nonperishable foods. Throw in duct tape and a tool kit. Throw in a hand-cranked radio, a water purifier, iodine. Donít have much money or space? Make a small kit with whatever you can fit and afford. Everything you have, youíll use; everything you can do for yourself frees up emergency resources for those in even greater need.

I agree. Do everything you can with the money and space you have. What if there are no emergency resources?

What can be done beyond natural disaster preparedness?

Jeanette Isabelle

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07/30/15 05:02 PM Today's useful note: fire by TeacherRO

Most commercial packs and 'survival kits' do not include matches or a lighter. You'll need to add them. (The reason for this is shipping -- much harder to ship flammables.)

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07/29/15 08:54 PM Follow-up New Yorker article: "How to Stay Safe.." by Dagny

The author of the New Yorker article on the Cascadia Subduction Zone a couple weeks ago which garnered so much coverage, has now written an article about preparedness.


"...Novelists and screenwriters can terrify people, feel pretty good about themselves, and call it a day. But for journalists, or at least this one, fear is not an end in itself. At best, it is a means to an end, a way to channel emotion into action. To achieve that, however, you need to navigate between the twin obstacles of panic (which makes you do all the wrong things) and fatalism (which makes you do nothing). In an effort to help people to do so, Iíve answered, below, some of the questions Iíve heard most often since the story was published, and also provided a little advice about how best to prepare for the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami, and their aftermath."


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07/28/15 09:18 PM Industrial/agricultural water contaminants? by JeffMc

Like most of us, I'm fairly well versed on the risks and available treatments to make backcountry water contaminated by bacteria, cysts and viruses safe to drink. But I wonder about dealing with water that may be contaminated by various industrial chemicals, fertilizers, and all the effluvia that may find its way into surface and subsurface waters, especially in the frontcountry.

This may be a particular concern in the aftermath of disasters. Obviously, there are many such contaminants that simply cannot be dealt with by any any reasonable filtration or treatment process, but I wonder if there any available practical ways to recognize, identify or test for any of these contaminants, short of just giving some to someone I don't particularly like and seeing what happens?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

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07/28/15 02:51 PM That's The Way To Do It. by Ian

Lost Scouts

BBC News.
"Five scouts have been found safe and well after an overnight search in a forest in south-west Scotland.

The four boys and one girl were reported missing on Monday afternoon.

The last confirmed sighting had been at Clonfeckle Tower. The scouts, all aged 13, had been due to walk to Craigshields, north of Ae Forest.

They were reported to be equipped with adequate outdoor clothing and torches. They were found and brought to safety by police officers.

Scout Leader Dan McIntosh praised the actions of the group - from the Greater Manchester area - on realising they had lost their way.

"They looked again at the map, they found somewhere where they had walked past already where they knew they were near the road and they could find shelter," he said.

"They went back there and managed to sort themselves out, calm themselves down, think, plan and from there they were basically prepared to wait the night out and then move on.

"But they didn't have to, they saw the helicopter, went out to the road and signalled the helicopter."

He said they had acted "absolutely fantastically".

"You couldn't have asked them to do anything better than they did," he added.

"Everything they did was sensible and everything worked and that's what they were supposed to do.""

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