Ok I can not resist responding to this post while in church. I should wait till get home....but like I said I cannot resist.

Thanks for the props on tearing apart a $40,000 truck (more like $56,000), but the fact is that I was just making up for past stupidity by going the route I did and blindly following the NAV unit.

The details of how I got into the situation might help to explain things a bit.

Unlike some NAV units in cars, the GMC unit cannot change routes, destination address, or Options while in drive. So while we were driving for 7 hours already with crying and screaming kids, annoying sister in laws and sore butts, my wife was on the phone with her other sister and was convinced to try a shortcut to our NORMAL shortcut (mistake 1).

Well we put the information into the nav unit and then read off some of the roads and turns that it calculated for us back to my sister in law, she said it sounded correct (mistake 2)

So I said then lets go. I did not verify the whole route. (mistake 3)

It was at night so going an unknown shortcut was also pretty stupid (mistake 4).

While on the roads I thought several times about turning around, but fought my instincts, plus turning around was almost as dangerous as we were on a road just about the size of the car.

Plus being nighttime in an unknown area I was more concerned with the small road and various cute, little animals, then the nav. (mistake 5)

What did search and rescue say?

"How the hell did you get on this road, it was supposed to be closed!"

So many mistakes made ALL learned from and never to be repeated.
In the end i am kinda happy it happened. It taught me life lessons I could never have learned anywhere else and never so quickly.

By the way the first people to find us were a pair of park rangers (whose truck got stuck while finding us) so then S&R had to get their truck out also.

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