Hey Picard,

I sympathize with you.

The rule of thumb in the hospital is all chest pain is cardiac until proven otherwise.

Not meaning to be an alarmist, but get thee to a physician.

Better to get checked out and know for sure than to blow it off and there be a problem that could've been easily fixed.

Besides, taking care of yourself is a good habit to get into at any age.

In Oct 2006, I was having intermitent midsternal tightness and pain that subsided when I stopped to perform some relaxation breathing. (Not able to do that very often in a nurses station).

I had promised myself that I was going to give myself a birthday present of having an annual physical once I topped 40 (now 43), but kept putting it off until my beloved wife, the chest pain and fearful coworkers convinced me otherwise.

The doc verified that I was in good health though not taking very good care of myself so wasn't going to remain in good health for much longer.

I've made some changes (some voluntary and some not) including taking some time off, stopping to eat lunch (at least more often than I used to), playing a bit more including taking a short vacation without the family which I havn't done in 17 years.

Havn't had a reoccurence of the chestpain and still learning to lighten up (old habits are hard to break).

We men tend to treat ourselves as if we're still 18 and indestructable until reality slams us in the face.

Don't wait to get slammed.

Take care of yourself. You and your loved ones deserve it.

samhain autumnwood