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Doug, I'm shocked and appalled.

Blindly depending on only a GPS is a good way for the unwashed masses to get themselves into big trouble.

From the second story on this page:
Several hours later heavy snow began to fall and Bob decided to return to his truck. Reaching into his pocket for his GPS receiver he was horrified to find it gone. Bob was depending on his GPS receiver to get him back to his vehicle.

When he finally stopped panicking, he was able to reconstruct a map of the area from memory and find his way out. My point is that he would probably have been better off without the GPS to begin with!

Thats not a fault of a GPS, one could just as easily have reached into their pocket for their map and/or compass and found it missing. Now if the story had went "found his GPS batteries were dead" or "couldn't get a GPS lock due to cloud cover" then you would have a valid point.