My point is that he was intentionally wandering all over the place, totally oblivious to his situation, knowing that when he was ready to go home he would just turn on his GPS and follow it to his truck. Typical "unwashed mass" behavior.

If he had not had a GPS at all that day, he would have needed to pay attention to where he was at all times. Note that once he actually started using his brain, he was able to find his way out with NO map, NO compass and NO GPS.

I'm not saying a GPS is bad, I think they are great and can really get you out of trouble sometimes. But I wouldn't encourage someone who was befuddled by a map and compass to use it as a crutch. I'd advise them to stay home.

Its like telling the masses that they are too irresponsible to remember to tell someone where they are going and when they'll be back but if they carry a PLB that is a good substitute.
- Tom S.
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