I have noticed that some members carry a lot of gear around with them. And yes, I know that for some members its in the line of duty. But, Ladies and Gentlemen, what's you minimum carry? Let's say, by making it interesting, that you can only carry what you can conceal in you pockets and perhaps on your belt.

For myself:
On belt: Keys, Leatherman Wave with a firestick in the side pocket. Surefire torch. Cell phone.

In my jacket, Survival tin (comprises Doug Ritter PSK + Wire saw, Bic lighter, Puritabs). Wallet. Head torch. Ziploc pouch containing Mini-poncho. 10m of line, 4 cable tidies, 2 Wetfire cubes & a lighter. My own version of Doug's key ring. A very light first aid kit.

Any suggestions?
I don't do dumb & helpless.