"The Summer I Was Lost" by Phillip Viereck, 1965. I read this as a kid, and just finished reading it to my kids, one chapter every night. They loved it, and I enjoyed it again. It's about a teenage kid who has trouble finding himself in society, and then goes to summer camp, where he gets lost in the New Hampshire woods during a storm. At camp he had learned survival skills, and made a few implements out of what he had on him. A fishhook made from a paper clip was probably his most useful creation, enabling him to catch trout for food. I expect that it's fiction, but a good read. It discusses survival techniques and situations quite a bit in the later part of the book. The forest ranger at the end even talks about his PSK in a small tin, which contains fishing hooks & line, a razor blade, waterproof matches, and bullion cubes. It may be hard to find, but I'd recommend it as a short easy read, and one that kids will enjoy.