Groo, just running the fridge will cost you several thousand dollars in PV panels. What you need to do is determine exactly what you want to run and the wattage required to run it. Most of the sites selling solar have calculators to determine how many panels will be required. If you start compairing generator to solar, the price of solar to run the refrigerator will buy you a generator large enough to power the whole house with automatic transfer and start switches.

As an alternative you might want to look into generator+deep cycle batteries+inverter. This combination will allow you to turn off the generator at night and still have power. If you live in a development your neighbors will tend to frown on leaving the gen-set running all night long. If you go this way you can run voltage sensitive equipment off of the inverter, such as your computer.

Bountyhunter, most of Florida doesn't have a high enough average sustained wind speed to make a wind system cost effective and a hurricane is a little too much wind for one. If politicians wanted to produce power in a environmentally safe way they could produce enough power for the US just by installing wind mills all the way around DC.