Where do you start? You start with the following questions:
1)What am I interested in running?
2)How long do I want to run it for?

If your talking "whole house" solar systems - hate to say it, they probably won't survive a hurricane, so now your talking a solar system you can store, and setup POST storm, which is going to limit what you do. Solar is also NOT cheap. I've looked into it for Ham radio backup, and it was going to cost me close to a grand just to power my radios!!!

Frankly, generators are a LOT cheaper, more compact, deliver more power, but you need FUEL - which means you are going to have to store the fuel.

I doubt you have oil heat in Florida, otherwise I'd remind you that Home Fuel Oil is basically desiel - yeah, you can't use it for your car (just tax rules) but that doesn't say you can't use it to run a generator. Gas? Yeah, but there is a fire hazard - You always "fill on warning", BUT is something unexpected happens, your hosed (you can tap off the car, but) Natural Gas? You rely on them supplying it. Others all have problems

Good luck
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