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Today, my mom ordered an EMP Shield for our home.

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I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade. However before spending money on one of these, I would do a bit of research. The website for this product makes a lot of strong claims, with little or no supporting technical data.

For an interesting discussion on redit see:
https://www.reddit.com/r/Skookum/comments/crcfj3/empshield_i_suspect_this_is_complete_insert crude term for bull excrement_but/ (Word in red blocked by censor.)
For just on example:
Their 3rd party testing is complete {that censored word again}. They hooked it to a household electrical panel with a bunch of household romex wiring wired to it. The panel was not powered up during testing and neither was the device. Most importantly, there are no end devices hooked to the test setup.
Listed in the Homeland Security EMP resilience report? Didn't have time to read it? Fear not, I read it for you. Deep down, the report provided reviews of eight companies that provide legitimate shielding technologies. EMP shield was not one of them. However, they were mentioned in a one-liner footnote among five other companies as "other vendors supplying EMP rated filters...". Whoooo, another shining accolade there. Again, anyone can be listed as a vendor for any government agency. Doesn't mean they endorse or use your product.

For a more technical discussion on an electronics forum, see:

The bottom line is that at best, it appears this device might do the same thing as any number of other surge protectors on the market, except that it costs a lot more. The claim that it will protect your whole house and all your gadgets from a nuclear bomb generated EMP is probably bogus. I believe Herman30 is correct:
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As far as I know the only thing than prevents EMP is Faradays cage.

Caveat Emptor!
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