adam2, this has been very much on the radar in Canada and internationally. There are a lot of ordinary folk in the UK and in Europe who are going to have a difficult, expensive, and chilly winter. For many, it's not outlandish to think this may become a survival situation.

Companies with LNG export capacity (U.S., Australia, Quatar) have of course been pushing supplies to where the high prices are. That certainly affects everyone on this continent, as prices rise across the board, affecting home heating, electrical generation, food production, industrial manufacturing, ... you name it.

Canada has had requests to fast-track liquified natural gas (LNG) exports, but we've been the EU's whipping boy for a long time regarding our our energy developments, so we are wary. These are complex megaprojects with a 25-50 year operational lifespan, and require rock solid contracts before a shovel goes into the ground. We'll see. Money talks.

Anyway, there are going to be some hard times for a lot of people on the ground. I wonder if we can brainstorm some practical strategies here, or bump old threads that are relevant.