It surprises me that this is not being more widely discussed.

Whilst natural gas prices have fallen a bit, they remain at about SEVEN TIMES the norm in recent years.

A natural gas panic is underway throughout Europe, not just in the UK, with growing concerns over electricity shortages as a lot of power stations are gas fired.
Various European nations have announced energy saving measures.

The situation is compounded by a lack of nuclear generated power in france, due to a series of breakdowns and faults at nuclear power stations. Nuclear output in France is restricted to about half that previously achieved.
Many European nations have become reliant on electricity from France and may now face winter blackouts.
Back in the UK, we are routinely exporting electricity to France.

The possibility of rota power cuts is now being discussed by the UK Government.

Whilst the direct effects on me should be limited, I am concerned about the effects on wider society.