More lateral thinking here.

This reminds me of those years when I bought the land on which our house is built now (it is a city neighbourhood).
For long years I have wished I had the money to buy the neighbouring property as well. I ( being hopelessly introverted ) have always wanted a secluded place that NOBODY ever sees, plus a small garden to grow a few herbs, beans and veggies.

The current house is great and all, but it is 'shared' by the family whose opinions are not always compatible with mine. If I had managed to buy that property, I would have turned it to something like a stealthy urban homestead. I would be having a decent-sized garden (maybe partially self sufficient), plus having my messy workshop so far away from prying eyes. LOL.

It would be a win-win situation. Nobody will be complaining.
For family, the house will remain 'sparkling clean and tidy', and for me I would have my piece of heaven.