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I note the alibabba advert. contains three certifications. On looks like a Common Market Cert., the other an EU Cert. and the third a Republic of Ireland Cert. It it is all , frankly “Greek to me”?? “ Tough to trust” as already noted. Do thes noted Certs mean anything to any of you? Please take a moment and let me know. Again. Thanx to all.

I'm unable to read the certification images they placed.

So a generic summary: for Europe: EN403 is a 'Respiratory protective devices for self-rescue' standard; however they also come with a release/update year behind the standard. Since that isn't written; this is the first red flag.

For PPE; a 'notified body' is required to do testing to make sure items are according to standard. Notified body are testing labs; they are assigned 4 numbers and printed after the CE logo.

The 4 numbers can be found on the EU website and guide you to the website. Most have a search option to see if the certification is current.

I have played with the Chinese ones and they have very high breathing resistance. No experience with use in smoke.

Personnally focussing on other things would be my priority. (fire standards, smoke detectors, escape routes).