Given the recent mass shooting on the NYC subway and the gunmanís employment of smoke generating devices, in the subway car and tunnel, I have a new found impetus to replace my expired XCaper Smoke Mask. As Iíve written before, albeit the XCaper site is still ďupĒ, calls and other attempts to contact the company indicate disconnected phones and no other responses to inquiries. Conclusion= They are defunct.

Iím again researching a small , light, reasonably priced alternative, fire escape mask or hood, that I can fit in my EDC bag, replacing the expired XCaper mask and swim googles, I have heretofore relied upon.

. One prerequisite is that the unit absorb CO for its effective life of 30-60 minutes, otherwise itís just a glorified N95 or N100 unit. A plus, but not a requirement, would be effectiveness against radioactive particles ( IEO a ďdirty bombĒ) and protection against basic war gases and ricin .

My research is down to the IEvac mask/ hood ~$200 and the Going Gear Fire Escape Mask/Hood ~$39.95. You may be familiar with the IEvac hood from the events of Jan.6,2022 at the Capitol in Washington D.C. That was the unit being worn by the Congress Members and Staff. It fits all the protection prerequisites and optional preferences. But it is heavy, relatively large in storage and expensive.

The Going Gear Mask / hood fits the fire smoke and CO absorption requirement. Iíve inquired via text as to chemical, biological, radioactive particles. No response as yet. Itís also much, less expensive, lighter and smaller in storage than the IEvac unit. But, I canít find any independent testing or NIOSH rating, or government endorsement equivalent to Congress and the Secret Service purchases of theIEvac unit.

Do any of you have any further knowledge, experience or comments regarding these units or suggestions for alternative products?