This fall we saw a bunch of Air Force SERE instructors setting up camp in a mountain range they haven't used before. For decades the have used the forest near the Pend Oreille river in WA state, but were up on the Kettle Crest during the last week of hunting season.

As I was heading cross country up a hill, probably about 5 miles from their camp, the GPS on my iPhone went crazy. First the compass pointed south, then froze, then started spinning faster than you could see, then it stopped and spun the other direction super fast. Then returned to normal.

Made me wonder if the SERE guys were using some sort of scrambler.

Using Gaia gps program.

By the way, the drivers we met from the Air Force were terrible. Afraid to get within 4 feet of the down hill shoulder. We had to put our driver side tires in the ditch with the passenger side way up hill to get around them when we met them on the little forest service roads.