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Once have the hikers phone number and a message to send, it can be automated, until get a response.
Spammers/scammers can't hide their phone number.

Thats what they said about caller ID when it first came out. Nothing is 100% secure, its only a matter of time before whatever system is used becomes hacked/abused.

But still doesn't fix the original issue of the hiker not answering, so he sees a number coming in on a 'secure' service and doesn't recognize it, would he have answered it?

If the hiker doesn't answer then search and rescue have to assume you require rescuing, and get a team to start a search.
Only answering and saying you are ok is going to get them to stand down.

So not answering your phone causes other people hassle, so if not going to answer regular phone calls, perhaps you should put some effort in.

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