Over the weekend I worked at a "gun show" for a friend of mine and ran his table of gear for a little bit. He's in a related field so the promoters really like his little shop there - it's all medical gear and first aid stuff.

During my short stint at the opening on Friday (5PM to 9PM) I moved over four hundred bucks worth of equipment and supplies. I didn't get back on Saturday/Sunday, the traditional 'big' days but I understand my friend did really well at the show overall.

As for shortages - all sorts of gauze, dressings, pouches and bags in which pre-built kits are sold are all in very short supply and each month his costs are going up and availability of materials is going down.

The customers I interacted with included the buy a few things type who were adding or re-supplying kits they already have. However, the big thing to me were the folks buying completed "medic" bags and full kits of materials or getting a lot more than a couple of bandages for the car sort of thing. They were stocking up big time and were also telling me they really liked getting this stuff as they were having problems getting some if it locally. My take away is to stock up on basic medical gear, supplies and OTC medical while you still can.