What I did to prep ? Injured myself. LOL

No, seriously. A few weeks back, I lifted something heavy and heard something in my left shoulder. Maybe an tendon or muscle was hurt. Initially thought to go to clinic, but my daughter asked me a few questions and gave suggestions of rubbing it with some cream

The idea occurred to me to endure the pain and continue my restless lifestyle. Seeing a few YouTube videos about shoulder pain, I continued to move. Two days ago, I was moving something heavy and relatively large in size, and again heard that ugly sound in my right arm. A tendon or muscle in my right arm has been injured. Pain was pretty bad. However, I applied ointment and continued doing stuff , a bit slowly.

It seems to be beneficial to do stuff while you are hurt. This hardens you and make you more ready to deal with working after SHTF in less-than-ideal conditions.

And, as some videos suggested, it seems that moving the injured muscles speeds healing