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Sad thing is you can buy a whole new box for less than the price of the replacement battery. But hopefully since this one has lasted so long I figure it much be made decent.

The jump packs I own are essentially a case, cables and some accessories wrapped around an AGM golf cart battery. The two times I’ve done the replacement the battery was significantly less expensive — about $30 vs about $70 the jump pack cost originally. Unfortunately my favorite jump pack (The “Powerstation PSX” and later models, sold by Costco, no affiliation) doesn’t seem to be manufactured any more, so it’s worth it to me to buy a new battery every few years to keep the two I have operational. When charged after every use and also once a month I get about five years of service out of them.

I’ve seen a number of jump packs that are pocket sized or nearly so, based on Lithium Ion battery technology, but I don’t own one. I do not believe that they have enough cold cranking amps for reliable winter service.

Mine has a small SLA that was about $70 to buy local from batteries+.
The small lithium ion ones aren't intended to be able to crank a vehicle, rather they are to be plugged in for ~15 minutes or so to bring a low battery up to a level where it can then crank.

My problem is I have an intermittent drain somewhere. Sometimes I can park for several days and nothing is wrong but sometimes my battery gets too low after just a couple days that it can't crank. One of the many computers doesn't seem to be shutting down all the time but its intermittent enough to make troubleshooting a pain. so if I drive anywhere I end up carrying that jumpstart box to be safe.

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