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Iíve never had a 12V air compressor fail on me.

Wow, you've had incredible luck! The ones I see now are so utterly disposable that it's not even funny. Other folks I know concur on this. I now carry a high quality bicycle pump in my car, the classic stand-on type, and it has proven itself unstoppable, in temperatures high and extremely low.

I used a bicycle pump for many years. It's fine for compact cars (120 pumps from flat to full), and can handle midsized sedans in a pinch. But, one you get to SUVs, forget it.

A couple of years ago I invested in a VIAIR 12V pump. It's head and shoulder above the plastic horrors you can get at Target.


And what did I do to prepare today? I ordered camping gear for the rest of the family. Have two kids in scouts, and a wife as a scout master, means lots of gear! I'm going through culture shock with all the crap that constitutes the "necessary" luxuries of car camping compared to backpacking.

EDIT: The tire plug kits are a lot better than fix-a-flats. The plugs are supposed to be temporary, but they'll last several years before needing replacing. Also, a lot of tire repair shops refuse to work on a fix-a-flat filled tire because of the unholy mess left inside.

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