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Haha, don't misunderstand me, I think that's awesome! There is no reason a 12V compressor cannot be made to last and be reliable. It's just that the ones I see now are not trustworthy, and that's a sad commentary.

The hand pump I'm talking about is a bicycle floor pump, so it moves a lot of air. In a 16" car tire, I go from low to full in a maybe 3-4 minutes. Dead flat would be a lot longer of course, and I'd be tempted to jack the vehicle slightly to try to preserve the bead seal regardless of the air source.

Doug, I have been using this compressor from CT for quite a few years on our truck (20 inch tires) and trailer. I like that the compressor connects directly to the battery, and has a twin-cylinder motor. The combined length of the power cord and air hose is about 25 feet. I ditched the hard case that came with the compressor, and it easily fits in the back seat under-storage area.

These are also quite popular with the off-road guys.

BC (Before Covid) the compressors would come on sale for $69.00 or $79.00 CAD. I have been thinking of picking up another to keep as a spare.


That said. Those bike floor pumps that you mentioned, also work great, if you can find a well made one.
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