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Wow, you've had incredible luck!

Itís weird that my good luck would manifest itself in 12V air compressors. If anyone from the Luck Department is reading this Iíd happily trade this in for lottery tickets.

With that said my garage sale find has to be at least thirty years old and still works. The jump pack air compressors we have are not intended for a heavy duty cycle ó if I recall correctly theyíre to cool for at least ten minutes after each thing inflated. But Iíve used them last summer (tire issues on both my car and Mrs. Magnetís) and they worked.

Now that I think about it, I retract any complaint to the Luck Department about compressors.

The ones I see now are so utterly disposable that it's not even funny. Other folks I know concur on this. I now carry a high quality bicycle pump in my car, the classic stand-on type, and it has proven itself unstoppable, in temperatures high and extremely low.

How long does it take to get enough pressure in a car tire?

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