If you want cheap bright 1aaa lights, try these:


They are 3 for $9 anytime, but they very frequently (like at least 1x a month) go on sale at 3 for $6 on one of meh.com (usually through a "mehrathon"), sidedeal.com/daily , sidedeal.com/bonus , morningsave.com/daily , or morningsave.com/bonus . Those are all pages from the same company: they put 5 things on sale each night starting at midnight EST, but they tend to rotate through the same few dozen items, so stuff like the flashlights keep coming up. You WILL want to put rechargeable AAA's in them, as they are fairly bright but that takes power.

These headlamps are also a good deal, imho:


They are also linked in the black diamond headlamp thread.