I've got several headlamps and find them very useful but not a "cure all" for lighting needs. If you can have only one light, get a good hand held flashlight. However, like most of us, you can and do have several lighting options.

A headlamp is invaluable and nothing else works better when you need both your hands to do something and you need light too. In a medical emergency having enough light to see what you are doing is very important while you are using both hands to work on the issue and nothing beats a headlamp.

Also, when I have had to "fix" or repair something and I needed better light to see what I am trying to do (using both hands) again a headlamp was/is the best answer. Heck, I put a head lamp on every night when our little dog and I go out for the last time for her 'personal affairs'. The light lets me see what the Boo dog is up to and I'm then able to "recover" any bio-deposits that may have resulted. I really appreciate the light then!