I rotated my stock after receiving my monthly shipment of Zevia Rootbeer (an all-natural clear soda with only four ingredients: carbonated water, stevia leaf extract, natural flavors, and citric acid).

I ordered more cracker sandwiches and Alka-Seltzer from Sam's, but when I tried to order Glucerna, the vanilla was out of stock for delivery but had chocolate.

In the past, I ordered vanilla as a preference. Since May/June, I've been reacting to things I usually don't react to.

It turns out I can get the vanilla from Amazon and at a slight discount. The problem is, Amazon is currently limiting them to four a month. I usually go through three cases a month, but I've been going through five boxes a month since I've been sick.

I'll order one case of chocolate Glucerna from Sam's. Hopefully, I won't experience an adverse reaction as I have with other food items.

Jeanette Isabelle
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