Generally speaking I carry two flashlights plus my phone’s capability. My primary flashlights alternate between the Surefire Stiletto Pro and Klarus E1. They each have their pros and cons — one less obvious challenge for the E1 is that while the included cell is 18650 in size, the E1 only takes Klarus’ proprietary cell, and as far as I can tell the cell doesn’t work with anything other than the E1 and E2.

On my keyring is a Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2. For a single-AAA twisty it’s freaking amazing. Great CRI, L/M/H mode order with well spaced modes and a true low mode. The EN finish version I carry is lightweight and looks brand new after years of carry. If the included NiMH rechargeable runs out it will take AAA primary cells. In my opinion it is the Platonic Ideal of a AAA keyring light.