My friends who have Holosun optics on their pistols like them for the range, but nobody I know carries one on a defensive pistol. The consensus seems to be that Holosun doesnít have enough history yet for that kind of critical use.

I run Vortex on two rifles, both of which are designated for defensive use, and have for some years. The models that need to be essentially disassembled for a battery change have to be re-zeroed afterwards, which is not ideal. Everyone I know who runs Vortex only does so on rifles, but I havenít heard anyone say that they havenít been around long enough or are otherwise not recommended for defensive purposes.

Were I planning to change over, Iíd seek out a reputable instructor who teaches a red dot pistol course. Scott Jedlinski (whom I have not trained with and am not affiliated with) would be my go-to suggestion for that among the reputable instructors who travel nationally. One of my friends locally teaches this quite well.

Other reputable instructors I know with national traveling schedules donít seem to have any red dot specific classes.