So, thought I would update things as I have made some significant changes

Springfield Hellcat OSP

Changed the red dot from the SIG ROMEO Zero to a Holson HS507K-X2 with a CH Precision Components adapter plate (The plate works great, however the screws they supplied were damaged when they shortened them to fit and didn't QC them very well. QC is apparently an issue with this company, based on online comments) Bigger window and better dot options, plus more solid aluminum construction and easy to change out battery. Anyone need a ROMEO Zero cheap?

Viridian C5L Green laser/light combo (This is working great. I love it! At short to moderate ranges most typically involving self-defense I can literally put the green dot on the target without even bringing the pistol to eye level and hit exactly where the dot is. That could be a lifesaver. And, just to reiterate, the other best reason to install a laser is that green dot on an assailant's chest might hopefully persuade them to stop, saving me the significant hassle that results from pulling the trigger.)

In that regard, I also should note that through Knife Rights I am signed up for U.S. Law Shield. KR gets a nominal payment when you sign up. Not having some legal protection plan/insurance if you ever consider you might defend yourself, at home or away, is insane and irresponsible to your loved ones, IMHO.

You might also gain some useful info from this article: The Aftermath of Self-Defense – What to Do & What NOT to Do

Trigger has been changed out a few times. <sigh> I am still using the spring set from the APEX Action Enhancement Trigger, but the actual trigger is an adjustable Hive Monarch Trigger. Finally, found the right one, I think.

DPM Systems Recoil Spring System (have settled on the medium spring)
Hogue HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve
Theis Holsters IWB Hybrid Holster w/ ECR While the Theis holster works fine, there's still the issue of the weight of the gun dragging down the pants, even with a tight belt. I am using a Groove belt and liking it.

I have alternatively lately been using an inexpensive UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band which I find less bothersome in most regards. I have modified it by removing some stitching to allow it to fit the pistol with the light/laser. I am still working on this and may eventually try some other Belly bands or get one custom built to suit my purposes. Not that I am OCD mind you...

I have now officially spent more on stuff than the original pistol cost! blush

Having moved the pistol to IWB, I was looking for an alternative less conspicuous way to carry a trauma kit than also carrying my man bag. I still have the bag depending on circumstances, but wanted another option.

Based on a recommendation from my fried Tom, I am wearing a Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) that he generously provided. I was worried that it would be annoying around my ankle, but wearing it at BLADE Show where I was on my feet for 4 days straight, I literally forget it was there. I suppose that it helps that I wear old man jeans with pretty wide pants leg opening. Carried in the AFAK:

Small Trauma Shears
TacMedSol SOF-T tourniquet
QuickClot Hemostatic Combat Gauze (Z-Fold)
H&H Mini-Compression Bandage
Hyfin Compact Chest Seal
1 Pair Nitrile gloves
Wet-Ones Towelette
Phokus Frog Tape pack
4 x 1" Coverlet Adhesive Bandages in zipperlock bag
2 x 2x4" Curad X-Large Flex Fabric Adhesive Bandages in zipperlock bag
Vacuum-sealed Chewable Benadryl 12.5mg x 4
Vacuum-sealed Low Dose Aspirin 81mg Coated x 2
Sharpie Mini

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