Doug: May I suggest that you add to your “ Benadryl Baggie”, 2-4 pseudophedrin tabs, 4-8 caffeine tabs (2 pseudo tabs and 2-4 caffeine tabs, give u a heck of a legal energy boost), 4 -8 ibuprofen tabs & 2-4 ES Acetaminophen tabs ( 2 of each of the last to give you a legal and powerful pain reliever/ anti-inflammatory, now used in military aid kits)). Importantly , 8 x 81mg. , chewable children’s aspirin tabs, in case of suspected heart attack. And , 1-3 days supply of any prescription meds you may take daily or need daily or ICE , e.g. an inhaler. As I’ve aged, I added a commercial dental repair kit,+ a caffeinated tea bag to stop in mouth bleeding and repacked it in a very small zip-LLC bag. Alleviates a broken tooth, lost filing , cap that falls out, Oh, the pleasure of aging. [ If you fear nuclear accidents or “dirty bombs” ,add potassium iodate tabs in foil.]

I’d also suggest adding either or both a compressed , sterile, triangular bandage or/ and an XL yellow or Orange , hot pressed, folded cotton bandana in a small Gerber sterile Breast Milk Bag. They give you multiple use options: a bandage, wound dressing, sling, signal flag, cap, sweat band/ flashlight holder, cap, xtra gear carrier, etc., etc. I also use a form fitting Mophie extra battery on my I-Phone , but Android models are available. It adds a125% of power to my phone.

I understand that flashlights are a highly personal choice, but my years of trial and error led me to carry a Fenix EO-5 , with AAA lithium battery, & a clip for pocket or hat band, a Photon yellow bulb Freedom, mounted backwards in its carrier to avoid accidental ”on”, both on my pocket key chain. I also carry a tiny Petzel e-lite headband light in whatever case I am carrying. Pre-Covid I’m frequently in high rise buildings, underground plazas , trains and train tunnels.

Extra points for adding a Mylar or Heat Sheet Blanket, a yellow bic or mini-bic lighter , tapped so it cannot be accidentally activated, in a Gearward bike tire waterproof cover. The cover can be cut into 3-4 circulat tinder rounds which will burn for about 2 minutes each. I have lately added a plastic covered 50’ spool of 200lb. test, ultra thin Kevlar cord and a large sewing needle.

Add emergency cash, , 10 x $1.00, 5 x $5.00, 5 x $10.00, 10 x $20.00. More if you can afford it. “ Money doesn’t talk. It swears” ( Bob Dylan). It buys unavailable things,e.g. train tickets, a ride out of the city, goods and gasoline or a hotel room, in a blackout or blizzard , when credit cards are useless. Mollifies herion muggers, etc.

I know the above sounds like a lot of gear, but it is only a few extra ounces and packs very compactly.

EXPANSION TO BASIC GHB: If you added an alluminium , single wall water bottle to hold water,or cook in, a couple of flat ,plastic water carriers, foil packed Water Pure tabs, a Survivor water purifier straw, a 4-way Silcock Key, some Millenium Bars, an extra Mylar blanket, extra wool socks, & leather gloves, you’d have a basic GHB, counting in the other equipment you mentioned. For tools add an 8” Knipex wire cutter and a 2lb. X 15”, Spax-16 Rescue Axe / pry bar/hydrant wrench/ gas- water cock wrench Now standard military aircraft issue,including Marine One. I’d also add a Gerber LMF II, as a knife and electrical cable cutter. But now we are @ ~ 10-12 lb.s and in small backpack territory.

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