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To plagarize a phrase: "if you are smarter than a 6 year old", you can get your amateur radio license.

Kids at that age are information sponges. They learn quick and easy. You just need to spark interest.
With that out of the way, itīs really not that hard to get an entry level license. The range of complexity is huge. You can go with a simple hand held tranceiver or all the way up to developing your own transceiver with a spectrum in between. Everyone can find the level that suites the own interest.
Apart from that the ham community has great people who like to help. The social contacts alone are worth the effort. It got me an invitation on board of a mine sweeper boat. Those hams also man a ham station dedicated to a vintage U boat (the U boat is driven by hand cranks and on exhibition in a museum).
If it isnīt broken, it doesnīt have enough features yet.