Yup... not a "bad" idea. I had a CB way back in the day (KZW1282) and dropped it when the airwaves got crazy and I wasn't on the road as much. Fast forward to this century and I put one in our RV (when we had one) and it was really useful on the highway to have an idea of what was going on around you. CB radio then seemed to fade away.

Haven't had an RV for 15 years now and never saw it worth while to put a radio in the car what with cell phones being universal. However when I retired a couple of years ago I got into Ham radio and have added GMRS, FRS along with a CB radio to my 'tools' for communication. For what each one of those types of radio and with the phone I've got several ways to "keep in touch" when necessary and to hear what is going on around me.