I bought a new EDC flashlight and I am impressed.

I have been carrying a Fenix E01 flashlight for many years. I went through 3 or 4 of them since the switch wears out. Now I found they are not made anymore, so I set out to find a new flashlight.

I finally settled on this Lumintop AAA flashlight. It has three light modes, 110, 35, and 5 lumens. It is also IP68 waterproof. And it comes with a reversible clip, so you can clip to a pocket or a hat visor. It also comes with spare o-rings, a diffuser, and a keychain clip. It is just a tiny bit larger than the old Fenix E01.

I use Eneloop AAA batteries which work fine.

I love this light!

I paid $15.99 for it on Amazon. Check it out here: LUMINTOP TOOL AAA Mini EDC Flashlight

Note that the Amazon site title says it is 130lm, but elsewhere on the page it says 110lm, and manual says that also.