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How do you like the Klarus E1, I have been looking at the E1 and E2.

I’ve chosen not to buy an E2 — its “moonlight” mode is 8 lumens, which is higher than I like in a moonlight mode.

  • One-touch access to moonlight mode
  • Instant access to last mode used, which I like to keep on Turbo
  • Good runtime and output performance
  • Good beam profile
  • The cell is USB-rechargeable
  • I’m very fond of the Klarus button+paddle interface
  • Incredibly small form factor for its performance

  • The cell is not a standard 18650 — it’s the same size but proprietary to Klarus, real 18650s won’t work in this light, and the proprietary cell won’t work in anything but a Klarus E-series light
  • A bit more prone to pocket activation than I would expect
  • Lousy holster/pouch options

I carry it, on average, more than any other fliashlight in my collection.