Over the last week I got a few things done.

First I moved my winter emergency stuff into my new Subaru (out of my wrecked car). It actually has less space in the hatch area than the trunk space of my old car so I need to be more selective when I port my camping/EDC stuff over.

Next I got some fresh lithium batteries from BatteryJunction. They have great pricing and service so once or twice a year I buy in bulk. This batch was a 20-pack of lithium AAA and two dozen Panasonic CR123a; I still had a fair amount of the latter but needed the former and at the rate I use 'em it was a no-brainer.

Lastly I got a new plate carrier and a Condor Kanagroo mag pouch. I installed the LAPG Level IV ceramic/PE plates in the new carrier and mounted the Kangaroo to the front. It holds three AR mags with 3 pistol mags on top/front of those. I stuck three loaded Lancer L5 mags in there and three VP9 mags. Along with the plates it's a bit of weight but I don't plan to walk around the mall with them. smirk It's kind of a home invasion/emergency kit, something I can don and doff quickly that will still stop multiple rounds of M855 SS109 from a 20" barrel. To be fair, body armor is more of a "that's kind of cool" thing than something I expect to use the price was good and I wanted it. grin
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