Speaking of, I just ordered a fanny pack... not for EDC use, but I can run it across my chest under my pack while hiking to gain access to things that would normally be at my waist and interfere with a packís hip belt. Not quite as accessible as a hill people gear chest pouch but more versatile in how itís worn... and it can be worn for the same reason inside the hammock.

I replaced my Trident 20 with a different pack but really missed the organization from the top pouch which the new pack didnít have, a fanny pack would provide that as an internal organizer or possibles pouch with itís own belt/shoulder strap

Would be a good basis for a stand alone survival kit too, big enough to house some actual shelter items like a palmer furnace, so if I step away from camp out to pee at night or go explore with the intentions of only going a short distance thereís no excuse not to clip it around my waist first. Likewise if I am out someplace where I didnít bring a bigger pack because what I am carrying is dominated by mission driven equipment that may be unrelated to casual wilderness activity (paramotor, wildland firefighting, etc)

When Iím out on the water I can wear it around my waist (or directly on my belt as a pouch) below my PFD. Should be big enough for some emergency shelter, PLB, bug spray/sunscreen, silky saw, evernew collapsible bottle and water filter, other bits and bobs... but not so large that it can be overloaded and I wonít have it when I need it (I find that even maxpedition jumbo versipacks and similar canteen carrier setups can get uncomfortable over time if itís not on your belt AND complemented with a shoulder strap across your body, so thereís a niche for something smaller)

Theyíre just versatile as hell, I guess Iím embracing the dork cool

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