Two recent trips -

Went to BJs Wholesale Club to stock up the newly defrosted freezer today (Friday 10/31). Seems as if everybody had the same idea. I've never seen the place so jammed.

Significant depletion in the TP aisle. When my daughter was young she had a part-time job as a checker in a supermarket. Whenever a snow storm was forecast everybody bought bread, milk, eggs, batteries, and of course, TP. Apparently it's the same for an election.

A few days ago I went to Cabela's in Hamburg, PA looking for a spotting scope. While I was there I asked if they had any .223 in stock. No, not one round.

- - - -

As an aside, I discovered that Cabela's has a distinct price differential for spotting scopes. There's the $49.99 scope (which I bought), and then there's the $400 and up scopes. Actually, as high up as about $2,500.
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