Up here, it seems the current issues are paper towels, pressure treated lumber and firewood. And Tums.

The "why" on paper towels is obscure to me. We go through a pack every year, mostly to regulate moisture in stored garden vegetables. Others apparently can't imagine a day without them.

Pressure treated lumber is hard to get (or spendy) and so is other stay-at-home-improvement stuff. I had a hard time getting the caulking I needed. The store guys say everyone is stuck at home so they are upgrading decks etc.

Firewood is the new thing. And chimney sweep/inspection services. Demand has doubled or more. People are stuck at home anyway, so they want the spice of indoor/outdoor fires, even though basically everybody uses natural gas for primary heat in the winter.

Walked through a WalMart for laughs (time to kill) and they had ammo in the calibres/gauges I use. Didn't buy though; I don't have much need.