I was rummaging around my large pile o' survival & outdoors gear and came across my stash of three CRKT Ritter RSK Mk5 knives, in their tins and still in the plastic! grin I was struck again by just how elegant and useful this little blade truly is. To look at it you'd think what good will this little thing do? but once you actually cut with it you'll quickly change your tune. The first one I bought actually got used and tested quite a bit and I liked it enough to buy several more when Woot was blowing 'em out for a good price. Every aspect of the knife is so well thought out. Taking one out of the [very nice little] tin I was struck by how truly sharp it is, a rarity for knives out of the box. Despite being really tiny it actually feels very solid in the hand.

Doug mentioned that the products have life cycles and the little RSK had reached the end of its time. I can understand this but it's a shame.

The next size up is also brilliant, although at this second the name escapes me. I still have two of them. Certainly it's a more useful knife but it's a lot easier to create a good knife in that size range than it is to design a useful knife that fits in a candy tin.
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