In the Des Moines area of Iowa it is sort of "normal" right now but there are some weird shortfalls - I'm blaming it on the supply chain and vendors when I see it.

An example: The Delightful Mrs. drinks Gatorade sports drink as the Dr. wanted her to improve her electrolyte levels and this works. However, she likes the Orange G2 or low sugar version which the regular grocery stores have not had on the shelf for the last several weeks. I started checking on-line and calling around the whole area to see if any was to be had and found that Menards (the home improvement big-box store) was the only place it was to be had. We went around town last night to several of them and snapped up the last 18 packages in town.

When I was checking around, a HyVee manager told me they have it on back order through their supply chain all the way to the vendor. Another store checked their supply resources and they could not even order it and the choices were very limited on what they could get. I checked on-line with the vendor and it's not being manufactured right now and there isn't a timeline for it to restart production from what I was told. The HyVee manager I know has also told me they have several "normal" stock items that have become unavailable as their vendor is not producing some specific products - thus gaps on the shelf and odd ball shortages. We also liked chef boyardee pizza mixes and they (the vendor) only make a double pizza box mix and had dropped the old single pizza size. They looked for me to see if it could be sourced someplace else and it just isn't made that way anymore. The lesson is to grab it when you see it!