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"RT Systems" makes good cables and programming software. BUT, their cables are proprietary, they intentionally mess with the innards to incorrectly identify the chip inside. This is to force you to buy THEIR software. And you have to buy different software for each radio. This is their "gotcha". Well made stuff, but with a big catch. CHIRP is generic software - works with most every radio and most every cable (and it's free). As a test, I tried using an RT Systems cable with CHIRP software. No go at the start. However, when running Linux as I was, it is trivially easy to inform Linux about the lie that RT Systems hardware is forcing on the OS, and the OS then loads the correct driver.

Ah, that explains a bunch of stuff. I bought the RT software and cable for programming my Yaesu. It worked great, even on a Mac, but I had heard it was very radio-specific. I tried the RT cable with CHIRP and it was a no-go.
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