I just got back from a solo hiking trip. I was using my InReach to send text updates to my wife as to where I was and what I planned. She never received those texts.

It seems for some reason, ATT is blocking SMS messages from InReach. Until it is fixed, Garmin recommends sending emails, rather than texts.

Below from https://status.inreach.garmin.com/:
inReach messages sent to AT&T customers aren't being delivered

Update - We are continuing to work on this issue with AT&T. If you know that any of your contacts use AT&T, we recommend using their email address to communicate with them instead.
Sep 16, 14:48 EDT
Update - SMS message links have been restored however AT&T is still blocking all inReach SMS traffic to their customers.
Sep 14, 23:06 EDT
Update - All AT&T messages are being blocked and messages to other providers continue to have location links removed. We are continuing to work with AT&T to resolve the issue. Once resolved, we will restore location links.
Sep 14, 18:10 EDT
Update - Until AT&T can resolve the issue, we are disabling links in all SMS messages so that all messages will be delivered.
Sep 14, 11:51 EDT
Identified - We are working with AT&T. We recommend turning off the location when possible when sending messages to AT&T customers until this issue is resolved.
Sep 14, 09:27 EDT

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