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If I may, based on my past experience as an EMT in a busy urban area in the. NY-NJ Metro Area. ,U are woefully short of 3”x3” or better yet ,4”x4” sterile gauze pads. For a kit the size of yours , I would suggest 15-20. In a relal trauma situation, u will use up individual gauze pads rapidly ,for multiple purposes.

Likewise u need more Kling type guuze rolls or equivalent. My kit, about the size of yours, has 2x3”” kling guaze rolls and 2-3 , 3” self adhering stretch bandage. Vet wrap is cheap and perfect. To save space, I take it of the cardboard roll and make either flat rolls or round rolls ,without a center piece.

The space in the WOUND / BLISTER / BURN pocket is limited. I had to replace the included 4" x 4" with 3" x 3" to get everything into one pocket.

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In meds, u need 8-16 , 81mg. chewable children’s Aspirin, to be given if someone is experiencing heart attack symptoms. The faster the administrated the better. Look-up dosages per use.

I have that in my EDC bag.

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Last, if legal in your jurisdiction , give consideration to 1or 2 Naxolene inhalers to counter opiate and some other drug overdoses.

Space is limited in the MEDICATION pocket as it is.

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Finally, add a small headlamp and a small powerful pea- less whistle.

I have a headlamp listed under LIGHTS and I have a Fox 40 as part of my EDC.

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