In days of old, lighting equipment in the woods and on the trail was simple. You had a two cell flashlight with D batteries and if you planned ahead, spare batts.

Nowadays, there are lots of options - different, smaller but brighter lights, different battery chemistries, and all sorts of options. It is even more complex with the adoption of the cell phone and other critical electronics. your cell is also your camera, your timepiece, and a whole lot of other useful functions. It is something you want to keep charged while in the back woods.

Time for the power bank, a big batteries whose electrons can be downloaded into the device of your choosing, provided you have planned ahead. Over time, I have acquired quite a few, as I am sure many of us have. they all will replenish my cell phone, and also my headlamps. all that I have encountered sport a flashlight as a secondary function, so I also have backup lighting. One will even work as a hand warmer. The great advantage is that I can allot my spare electrons to either the cell phone or the light, as the situation demands.

One of my faves is a Goal Zero Mini Lighthouse, original version, whih is a very capable general illumination lantern, with replaceable GZ proprietary 3000 Mah rechargeable batteries. Tuck in an extra battery or two, or perhaps a solar panel, and I have as much electricity as I want.

The next step is to include a rechargeable GPS device into the system. I am sure others are exploring the potential in this new and evolving technology. What do you find useful and worthwhile?

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