Here in the UK, TP was almost unobtainable in retail stores a few weeks ago, and is still in short supply.
It was however easy to purchase giant toilet rolls on UK fleabay, these are plentiful.

Dried pasta was in short supply, but is now easier to find.

Many canned goods are in short supply with most supermarkets limiting purchases.

Spot shortages of some fresh foods but no generalised shortage.

Shotgun ammo readily available, other firearms and ammo for same are almost unknown in the UK.

Some people are IMHO exaggerating food shortages in the UK. Many products are in short supply, but alternatives are readily available.
As an illustrative example, if baked beans are out of stock, there are almost certainly tinned tomatoes or tinned spaghetti available.
If dried spaghetti cant be found one week, then other types of dried pasta are probably available.

Likewise some brands of beer are unavailable, but alternatives are available. No general beer shortage.