They seem like overkill, but there is always a need.
I have bought 4 boxes earlier and they are all gone. One box sent to my daughter(#2), one given to son who may leave us to another town a few weeks from now. One box sits on the "sanitization table" that I use with the other son to sanitize stuff we buy. In addition, gloves are used routinely for house cleaning whenever strong cleaning fluids are used.

Also, I am a prepper and like to have a few goodies stashed just in case. Like when this whole mess started and everybody freaked out , gloves weren't found easily and I had to open my prepper closet to give a box to my daughter(#1) who is a doctor. They do provide stuff in the hospital but it was hectic in the ealier days (she couldn't even reach her workplace and then she was transferred to work in another hospital), so it was important that she had her own protective items in her car.

This whole experience made me decide to double my usual 4 extra boxes of gloves to eight.

Same thing goes for face masks and other safety items.