Okay folks, I'd like to pick your brains a bit on GPS. I'm really wanting to buy a new one (I've had GPS before but back in the Magellan days 15-20 years ago). They are a lot smaller and power powerful now! I'm struggling a bit with which one to buy; obviously as one spends more money there are more bells and whistles but those features may not really help me.

What I want for sure:

The unit needs to display current location in UTM coordinates and should support the common ones. Primarily I want a GPS to use with maps.
Decent battery life and support for AA or AAA batteries- I really don't want a rechargeable internal cell if at all possible.
Durable- I'm not going to throw it off of a mountain but it should survive a bumps and stuff.
IPX-4 water resist at a minimum. Not gonna take it swimming but it does rain.
GPS & Glonass constellations supported
"Affordable"...yeah, that's kind of subjective I realize and depends on what options I settle on.

What I would maybe like:

Interfacing with Android via Bluetooth would be nice but not required.
Touchscreen? Maybe nice most of the time but sometimes a minus.
Ability to download topo maps, especially open source. I will take a paper map but having onboard maps would be a plus.
Support for Galileo constellation would be a bonus.
Considering if I want/need something like the satellite link of a Inreach Mini; almost as good as a PLB and two-way.
Simple- I'm not a complete dummy but learning to use it shouldn't be rocket surgery.

Models I'm looking at with some of the obvious pros and cons:

Garmin eTrex 10: Super cheap, decent reviews, takes AA batteries. But no downloadable maps and very spartan, minimal capabilities beyond coordinates and track-back.

Garmin eTrex 30X: A bit more feature laden than the 10, still AA batteries. But not sure how decent the mapping is, limited memory, still not a touchscreen.

Garmin Foretrex 601: Very robust (milspec), waterproof, ruggedized. Has an altimeter and compass. Minimal mapping but a very accurate and sturdy unit, can be worn on wrist.

Garmin Montana/Oregon: Full featured, touchscreen, does about anything you could ask of GPS. But expensive.

Garmin Inreach Mini:
Two way text link to Irridium constellation. Robust link to Android phone. Compact. But starting to get to be some real money; some features require subscription for more $$$.

Am I missing anything obvious? What has worked for you folks? Who relies on GPS alone? Who is using theirs in conjunction with paper topo maps?

Should I spend $85 on an eTrex 10 to play with it? Or just blow my wad on a full featured unit out of the gate?

Thanks for helping me spend my money.
“I'd rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” —Richard Feynman