"We are all in this together.” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown tweeted.

Oregon sends 140 ventilators to New York
Oregon is sending 140 ventilators to New York, Gov. Kate Brown announced on Twitter Saturday morning.
“New York needs more ventilators, and we are answering their call for help,” Brown wrote. “We’ll be sending 140 ventilators to help NY because Oregon is in a better position right now. We must do all that we can to help those on the front lines of this response.”
Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted his thanks on behalf of New York, which is the state hardest-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.
“We are so grateful to @OregonGovBrown and the people of Oregon,” he wrote. “On behalf of the people of NY, I thank you and rest assured that NY will repay the favor when Oregon needs it.”
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