The following is basically a copy of a post I made on another forum -

It may well come to this - home brew ventilators -

I am mechanically inclined enough to do minor wood and metal projects around the house. I am of the opinion that the virus is going to overwhelm the health care system in a very short amount of time. There will be many more people needing ventilators than there is a supply. That being the case, 'You're on your own" takes on a whole new meaning.

From the above link, a mechanical ventilator needs to supply about 400 milliliters ó a little more than a soda canís worth - of air. More may damage the lungs.

See -

paying particular attention to the doctor's comments on getting 'tired out.' This is at about 22 minutes in, and describes the muscular effort required to breath. It's like curling a barbell a thousand times - the abdominal muscles just can't do it.

Is there a way to home produce something that would force air into the lungs mechanically? The hard parts, as I see it are -

- One-way valves to direct air into a pump, then close

- some kind of a bladder to collect air and pump it with the assistance of a lever

Any ideas? We may be needing them.

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